You have raised the bar on the quality of Music Editing at 4Kids Productions.  We have had to tell our other music editors to spend more time in getting their edits to be less choppy and as Cinematic as yours.

I’m sure your Advertising background, where 10 people are sitting behind you all day scrutinizing your every move for a 30 second spot, helped to achieve your skill. 
Are you available to give Music Editing seminars?

- Julian Schwartz, Music Producer
(4Kids Productions/Yugioh)

No joke, one of the top five things about my job is going to the music reviews for the shows you edit! You do amazing work and are always able to bring these shows to life!

Thanks for everything and keep up the great work!

- Mike Pecoriello, Producer (4Kids Productions/Yugioh)

You are amazing!  The CD was fabulous!  You really are a genius!

- Elie Crawford, Musical Director (The Stanwich School)

First of all - you are the man! I don't know how you do it - but that editing was AWESOME. What a show! Great job! Many thanks!

- John Sands, Music Producer (Shaman Kings)

We reviewed the edited CD over the weekend.  Marvelous!! You worked your usual magic and it sounds great.  The Music Director was equally as impressed with the final results.

- Jim Graham (Area Marketing Associates,LLC)

Boys, clean up your room!

- Mom